Finally, the news is out. Quaiyum and I are having our first BABY! Haha *still can’t believe it* I had to hide my little belly for quite a few months now and couldn’t wait to tell you all. We are filled with so much joy and ready for our new big journey! So excited.

I had heard that the first trimester is really hard, so was mine. I was constantly feeling nauseous, dizzy and tired 24/7 and the food the appealed to me weren’t healthy. I WANTED to eat healthily but the thought of healthy food made me puke 🤢!!

Going through all the hardships for few months and having my husband by my side I already know what an amazing and doting father he is going to be. This guy has made a diet chart for me and put it up on our fridge. Constantly keeping track of what I’m eating, even how much water I’m drinking. I know I definitely made a right choice marrying him. He never missed to call me from work (like literally never).

20517543_1599121143492396_1797952820_o (1)




I love my body and the changes it’s making to support the growing baby. My body is changing, my mind is changing AND my life is about to change tremendously for forever and so Im ONLY going to enjoy the journey!

I’m embracing everything that is happening to me and I’m amazed at what our bodies can do. The most important thing to me right now is the baby and its health.
Gender ?? Aah can’t wait to share it with you all.

Ladies, whether you’re pregnant or not, show yourselves some love and appreciate what your body can do!



2 thoughts on “BIG NEWS ❤️

  1. OMG Girl congrats to you and your hubby ❤ i am so excited for you both and i still cant believe u hide it lol but still cute………<3


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