WOODEN WATCH DONE RIGHT: featuring Jord Watch

I’m mad about watches. A good watch isn’t just an extension of style; it’s an extension of you and your wardrobe. So  I have decided to share with you my first collaboration with JORD WATCH. It’s a beautiful simple fashion forward wrist watch featuring high-quality components

Let us begin with the packaging. As much as I love a good quality product I’m fond of its packaging too. I’m sure JORD WATCH maker has spent a lot of time focused on making the best possible unboxing experience.

Wondering how a Wood watch would look like? Take a look below :


This watch has one job – to tell you the time. It adds to the ideology of this whole campaign – both conveyed with the design language and in its beautifully simple function. When I wore this watch out in public for the first time, I got lots of compliments.

The thing that tempted me the most in JORD WATCH is that they are not like other stereotypical watches made of leather or steel. The finishing and crafting were perfect and the COOLEST thing is that they have a men collection too. Sounds amazing right ?? JORD WATCH is perfect for weekends, they are cool and trendy and certainly very EYE CATCHING.

Puzzled over how to wear ‘a wooden watch’ ??  Well, it all depends on your style. These watches come in many different colors and look.  I do like my nude-colored watch, it goes well with every piece I wear. So people what you all are waiting for? Go and check out their remarkable collection.

Hope you all like the post.



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