D.C Day Three : SILVER SUFFER featuring ZARA Skirt.

Silver skirts are pretty loud and eye-catching, but that doesn’t mean you’ll look like you’re wrapped in tin foil all the time. All you have to do is learn how to style it right. In any look, the shine factor is must.

For these spring and summer seasons it’s a very huge trend, so many fashionable girls try to add this type of a skirt to their casual, work or holiday outfits.

One shouldn’t be limited only to one shape of metallic skirts, pick a pencil, tulip, a-line, circle ones, etc. For going to work one can combine a metallic skirt with a white blouse or sweater and heels. A combination of a golden metallic skirt and a grey sweater and flats will be good looking if you wanna go shopping with your friends. Metallic skirts look absolutely adorable with either printed floral or striped.

Now scroll down to find out how i styled a metallic skirt.


Now go and boldly combine your metallic skirt with some twists and turns this spring ! And of course don’t forget about leather and denim jackets, they’ll be excellent additions to your outfits.

So if you still haven’t picked up a perfect skirt for you or wanna refresh your looks with a new thing, pay your attention to super cool metallic skirts!

Zara metallic skirt

Hope you all like the post
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