Bustier Crop Top

Someone, somewhere must have said, “fashion girls just do it better.”

Since summer is just around the corner, I’m expecting this summer take the crop top trend which ruled at the designer runway shows to the next level by wearing as bustier top.

They are trendy, feminine and perfect for pairing with summer maxi skirts, shorts or pants.  Most of bustier tops are strapless and come with sweetheart neckline.

Here are some styling tips and idea –

1. Combine bustier top with summer shorts which are one of the summer wardrobe essentials. If you like the denim short trend, make sure your bustier top comes in trendy colors like neon, coral or mint green which will really make the whole outfit stand out even more.

2. Combine your bustier top with summer maxi skirts. This will add a bohemian chic vibe to your style. Use colorful and trendy accessories like statement rings and necklaces.

3. Find the perfect bustier top dress. For more formal occasions like weddings or work dinners pair your bustier top dress with fitted blazer to give a more classical  and sharp look


Bustiers top is one particular trend that is starting to break out this season and the best way to wear them is by layering them on top of oversized shirts, slim knits and dresses or over a tissue-thin long-sleeved tee for a low-key look.

I’m wearing this COLORFUL STUDDED bustier top over a slim black knit and skinny jeans. The whole purpose of wearing this colorful bustier is to give the full black outfit some life and edgy look. I’m a gal that wears color everyday and black is a color rarely seen on me.

And when its about colors IRIS APFEL has once rightly said “ COLOR CAN RAISE THE DEAD” 

Hope you all like the post.



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