Maybe I’ve watched too much SEX AND THE CITY lately, or GOSSIP GIRL that I keep going back to the 70s, but I’m literally becoming obsessed with ONE particular style this winter : THE FUR.

Craze of fur was seen in 2016 and it seem that it will continue in 2017 as well, it’s clear that designers and consumers both are enjoying using and wearing this materials in greater numbers.


Recently while searching some skirts on AMAZON this fur skirts catches my attention. It is so cute and soft. Fur skirt in general is a difficult piece to wear because the hair creates a lot of volume. I’m not tall  and super skinny like a model, and so beautiful fur skirt is not really suited to my body but luckily I have a good and a very patient photographer. This is my first that I have worn the fur skirt.

The inspiration of my look is 70’s,  I hope you like it.

With short fur skirt like this it is important to pay attention about what you will wear on the top, I think the best idea is to wear big wool knitwear, or a shirt with a wool vest, or simple skinny sweater that enhances the skirt a little bit, which is exactly what I did in these pictures.

Shop the Look



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