(Holiday Party – Look 1) SHINE IN SEQUINS

“ I just bought a sequined pencil skirt and I’m wondering what to wear with it.  Several years ago I saw Deepika Padukone  wearing one, and I’ve wanted one ever since “

As HOLIDAY PARTIES approaching , we all crave a little extra glitz and glam. This year, like we all know was indulge in a sequined skirt and that give any look a little more festive feeling. Wearing sequins and sparkles is an easy way to get into the holiday spirit.

From a subtly sparkly top to a sophisticated pencil skirt to a pretty patterned dress —  SEQUINS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND !!

This time I want to talk about sequins skirts and what I love about these staples is that it’s shiny, sparkling and glittering look that makes them so special.


A sequined skirt seems really over the top these days, but as we all know a bit of sparkle has always been in a commonplace in fashion. This means a sequined pencil skirt is even more versatile and wearable.

In this ensemble, I styled the sequined pencil skirt with off-the-shoulder black sweater which have these amazing bell sleeves. One can never go wrong with a matching pit of earrings  so lets everyone know that you’re dressed to impress.





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