“Trends have a habit of popping up just when you’ve completely forgotten they ever existed “

hello peeps !!

Fall  is approaching, what are your plans ? If you ask me, i would love to  stay in bed watch some really good movies/series with some popcorn or do some research on fashion+blogging.  So here I’m with my first Blog on FALL ESSENTIALS. Building Fall wardrobe is something really exciting, because you know the feeling of Faux-fur collars is awesome, and OH-SO-COZY oversized knit sweater with sheer stocking and booties makes you look insanely slim AND TREEEEENDY.

Autumn is absolutely one of my favorite  seasons. There is something about this season for sure, the PERFECT BLEND of  the warmth of sun, the cold winds, basically it is the best time of the year !! The colors, the prints, the details, the trends – fall presents fresh fashion opportunities in every single fix.

Here are Top 3 trends – among many many many others. I’ve already shopped a lot in the name of perfect “Fall Outfits” and end up picking a lot more. So, I’ve gotten together my personal favorites.

LOOK 1 :

TULLE SKIRT WITH A LEATHER JACKET, because why not ?? For a grown up woman, my fascination with tulle skirts feels indispensable. i think that tulle skirts are more versatile. 

Putting aside the misconception that tulle skirts are very ’teenage’ i completely believe that tulle skirts can transform boring tops into something really exciting. Pairing them with a leather jacket is so COOL, because leather jackets are something which never goes out of trend

so say YES for tulle skirts this FALL

  1. dsc_0759dsc_0743SHIRT: FOREVER21: SKIRT: amazon SHOE: FOREVER 21.  
  2. LOOK 2 :
  3. OVERSIZED SWEATER WITH A TWIST , this look is something which never goes out of trend and always fits  ‘on the go girls’ who want to be comfortable without compromising on style. I also like this sweater beacuse later in the season i can wear it with long coat, some tights and a scarf. I also like the color because its such a light shade of grey, it will look great with so many differs colors.

    And if you wish not to look too boyish , try to twist the look with some great Accessories, this will make you look stand out.



  • MUSTARD, HAPPENS TO BE MY FAVE COLOR NOW , recently when i walked into stores  for fall shopping, i instantly grab my hands on these really classy ZARA PANT and SLEEVELESS SWEATER from H&M



I would definetly love to know how to thought of my first blog.

Thank you for stopping by

Loads of LOVE


7 thoughts on “FALL ESSENTIALS

  1. Kiran!You look captivating and beautiful in all the pictures.The combination of attire is fab.I like all your perspective of fashion.Yes!indeed you are a fashionista.Love you clothes,the footshelter,the accessories which you gear them like a model.Congratulation girl😊way to go……❤👌

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kiran I just read this blog and boy are you a fashionista! The clothes are stunning and more so you. And now that you’ve done a post on fall outfits do one on lipstick shades for fall. I’d love to see your choice. All the best 😘😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey!!!!!!!!!!! Kiran Di. You look extremely stunning in all the outfits. I know u always look beautiful. Im fan of ur style since ur college days u always look perfect. Didi all the best for ur blog i kno u gonna rock it…..Loads of love ❤ ❤ keep smiling 🙂


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